Beautiful Paintings


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Claudine Bigaut is a well-known artist from the North-East of France. She excells in many genres: Watercolour, ink, oil, charcoal, exquisite enluminures, and writes wonderful children stories. Click on her watercolour and discover her gallery

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Mickael and his son Gabriel tragically left us on the 9th July 2009. Mickael loved life with passion. He loved beauty in all its forms. As you will see in his gallery, this wonderful young man was also an amazing artist: photographer, painter, sculptor. Click on his picture and enter his universe.

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Debbbie lives in North Queensland Australia. I love the way she merges Nature and Mind

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Here are our little artists from New Caledonia
is 6 years old; she lives in New Caledonia and painting is one of her numerous talents.

Click on the picture and discover all our little friends' gallery

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